Growth Strategies

Growth Marketing Strategies

Welcome to my “Growth Marketing Strategies“! I’m Robert, a Vancouver-based growth marketer deeply embedded in the growth hacking scene. I’ve crafted these resources from scratch to help turbocharge your marketing efforts, whether you’re building a startup, growing an eCommerce business, or advancing a side project. I’ll be updating and expanding these checklists regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh insights. Dive in, enjoy, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions! 😊


Aqcuisition Strategies

Diving into “Acquisition Strategies” is essential if you’re playing the SaaS game—it’s all about how you attract users to your site and effectively showcase your product’s unique benefits. From targeted ads to content marketing, your initial strategies pave the way for user engagement and long-term loyalty. If you’re finding it tough to bring in the right crowd or if your traffic isn’t converting, it’s time to refresh your approach with some cutting-edge tactics. Below, I’ve shared some of my favorite strategies and resources that have significantly enhanced my acquisition efforts. Explore these insights to refine your methods and attract more qualified users who are ready to engage!


Retention Strategies

Let’s talk “Retention Strategies” in the SaaS arena—it’s crucial for keeping your users engaged and subscribed long after their initial signup. Effective retention is about continually delivering value and ensuring your users find indispensable utility in your product. Whether through personalized communication, feature updates, or responsive customer support, maintaining user satisfaction is key. If you’re seeing a drop-off in user engagement or subscriptions, it might be time to implement new retention tactics. Below, I’ve compiled some top strategies and resources that have helped me keep users happy and loyal. Dive into these tips to boost your retention rates and build lasting relationships with your users!


Activation Strategies

In the SaaS world, “Activation” is key—it’s how you measure the impact of users’ first interactions with your product, from onboarding to their first project creation. These initial experiences are critical for retention. Once you’ve drawn users in with your product’s unique features, the real test is turning them into active, committed customers. If your activation rates are low, it’s time to optimize and try new strategies to seal those leaks in your funnel. Check out the tactics and resources below that have boosted my approach. Dive in and learn how to make those first impressions count and keep users engaged!


Referral Strategies

Time to explore “Referral Strategies” in the SaaS landscape—this is where you turn your satisfied users into your most powerful advocates. Creating a successful referral program is not just about offering incentives; it’s about making sharing as easy and attractive as possible for your users. By integrating seamless referral processes and rewarding both the referrer and the referred, you can exponentially increase your reach and credibility. If your current efforts aren’t spreading the word as you’d hoped, it’s time to revamp your approach. Below, I’ve laid out some proven strategies and resources that have amplified my referral impact. Check them out to learn how you can transform happy customers into vocal ambassadors for your brand!

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